New mural in Midtown to honor Michelle Obama

When former first lady Michelle Obama visits the Bayou City this weekend for her book tour, she may spot a familiar face on the wall of one of Houston's favorite hot spots. 

There’s a mural being painted in Midtown in Mrs. Obama's honor.                  

With thousands of little hissing, hued strokes, artist Reginald Adams and his team are using spray paint, brushes and amazing talent to create something special.

“I want people to be inspired,” Adams says with a smile. 

The magnificent mural of former first lady Michelle Obama is more than a portrait. It tells a story.  

“She's kind of gesturing to the world to rise up. I was watching a video where she spoke about lifting yourself up. She was really speaking to the idea of empowering yourself,” Adams explains. 

The painting is being put up by The Breakfast Klub owner Marcus Davis. It's on the building across the street from the restaurant, right by the portrait of President Obama, painted by Adams 11 years ago.

 “We wanted them to marry each other for lack of better words. So she's kind of gesturing to him. He's looking toward her in the midst of that are people rising up to the occasion of being their best selves,” the artist said.

How did Adams become his best self? 

“I was that little boy who always loved to draw,thanks to parents who supported it. They let me draw on the walls.  Now I'm drawing on the walls of the community,” he said. 

In all, six artists will have used countless colors and tons of time to roll out the welcome mat, or welcome wall in this case, for our extraordinary former first lady. So, will the real vision of beauty actually see the exquisite exhibit?

“A little birdie told me it's on her radar,” Adams says.