New snow blower donated to man who shovels for seniors, disabled

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With the snow piling up some people are having a tough time clearing out.

FOX 2 tried to keep it a secret from Jason Sherman that Weingartz has generously donated a snow blower to him.

He's someone who works with veterans, seniors, the disabled, single moms and charging a small amount. So Friday night a Metro Detroit company decided to give him a lot.

"This is the best," said Sherman. “This is so great."

Jason Sherman got just what he needed Friday night - a brand new snow blower from Weingartz.

After FOX 2's 6 p.m. show. His Facebook friends didn't give away what we were up to. 

Rewind about two hours earlier and Jason was pushing a shovel and tackling the white stuff with gusto after his snow blower broke down.

"It gets a little hectic sometimes," he said. "It pays the bills and I'm able to help out."

But now the nice hum of the gas engine given to him full of fuel and ready to go. Friday night he has 31 houses to do.

"His story is easy for us to do something about," said Ken Weingartz, the owner of Weingartz. "We are glad he stopped by."

"If I see somebody down on their luck, they try to push them in the right direction and help them out," Jason said. "This is great. This is probably the best kind of karma there is."

Jason had been planning to get down shoveling those 31 homes by 6 a.m. but now, he's thinking he can get done in three hours.