New USS Detroit warship unveiled to the public in Detroit

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The USS Detroit is here for its big commissioning week and today the public is getting a chance to tour the Navy's newest warship.

FOX 2's cameras aren't allowed on board until Friday but we are getting the scoop from the captain and the crowds.

From veterans of wars long ago, to possible future veterans, a large crowd came out to see the warship.

Capt. Mike Desmond, commander of the USS Detroit, was on hand to speak to onlookers and passed out USS Detroit stickers?

"I've been very blessed over my career to make some very cool port calls," he said. "By far this is the best one. Detroit aboard the USS Detroit - it doesn't get any better than that."

And on this beautiful day in Detroit, people didn't mind waiting for hours just to get the 30 minute tour.

For some, they knew the USS Detroit in Desert Shield and Desert Storm from the late 80s.

"It's real impressive, compared to what I was on," said veteran Michael Metz, who served on the old USS Detroit in Desert Storm.

FOX 2: "What's the biggest difference between this and yours?"

"You could put two of these on this," said Gerald Jones, Desert Storm veteran.

Wednesday was the only day for the public to see the inside of the USS Detroit.

And after Detroit, where is its final destination?

"It wil; be based in Mayport Florida," Desmond said. "I believe that is the decision that will be coming soon. Then we will deploy overseas most likely next year sometime."