New Warren playground dedicated to memory of murdered child

The memory of a young girl will live on at a playground in Warren. 

The playground will be dedicated to the memory of Deanna Seifert, who died tragically 23 years ago. 

Bob Seifert is convinced his daughter Deanna would be an awe of a playground like this.

"She would have had her own grand kids here," he said.

Inn 1992, Deanna was kidnapped from a neighborhood sleepover and a few months later the 10-year-old's body was found in a Warren tool shop. 

Andrew Trombley was arrested and convicted of second-degree murder in her killing. He is serving a 40 year prison sentence. 

"I've said this a million times," Seifert said. "And I'll say it a million and one times -  keep an eye on where your kids are going today."

As the years pass, Deanna's memory lives on - not only to her family but to Warren City Councilman Scott Stevens.

He made it his mission to keep Deanna's memory alive by working to get the playground built six years ago at the Owen Jax Recreation Center dedicated in her honor.

"When this park was built, I was the deciding vote on it," Stevens said. "And that was one of the things I said to myself, I would like to have a park deducted to that young girl."

Deanna's dad believes the playground is a fitting tribute and he knows it would make Deanna happy that other children can find joy there. 

But he also wants this dedication to raise awareness about keeping kids safe.

"Kids need to have a place to go and play, and be safe," he said.

Stevens says the Deanna Seifert Playground is designed to keep kids happy and safe at the same time.

"This speaks volumes of how far we've come as far as safety," Stevens said, mentioning the rubber chips, security cameras with 24 hour surveillance and location next to a fire department.

A dedication ceremony for the playground is scheduled for 10:30 a.m. Saturday.

The public is encouraged to attend and bring children to play. 

Stevens said there will be free custard for the children and 33 yellow balloons which will mark one year for every year Deanna would have been alive to this date.