New Wayne County programs for avoiding foreclosure begin June 15

Anyone who owns a home in Wayne County and facing foreclosure has a new option for avoiding eviction.

Homeowners with property back taxes in 2021 and before can enter into a new payment plan under three different options that adjust interest rates, the payment schedule, or reduce the amount owed.

The payment plans utilize resources through multiple Wayne County financing options that offer flexibility to homeowners who are struggling to stay their home. There are also federal dollars available to those who were affected by COVID-19. 

Under the Michigan Homeowners Assistance Fund, residents can apply for grant funding to help pay back taxes. The money, which comes from the American Rescue Act, has to date sent more than $20 million to 5,500 Wayne County residents.

"We strongly urge Wayne County residents to apply as soon as possible because MIHAF funds are limited ," said Wayne County Treasurer Eric R. Sabree. 

The three plans available through Wayne County include:

  • Interest Reduction Stipulated Payment Agreement (IRSPA)
  • Stipulated Payment Agreement (SPA)
  • Pay as you Stay Payment Agreement (PAYSPA)

All three ease the burden on homeowners by lowering the interest rate or stretching out the schedule when payments must be made.

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IRSPA reduces the interest rate from 18 to 6%. Taxpayers who are eligible must own the home and live in it and be able to prove they live in it. 

SPA creates a payment plan over a 10-month period and as long as the resident is making payments on the agreed-upon-schedule, they won't foreclose on their home.

PAYSPA is offered by municipalities and any applicant must first get approval from the local government's Property Tax Exemption. Anyone who is eligible will either be allowed to pay a lump sum or enroll in the PAYSPA.

For more information, go to or contact the office by email at or call 313-224-5990.