New Woodhaven-based athletic wear company donates proceeds to those on front line of COVID-19

"If you're buying a shirt or a hoodie from us, I want it to count," said Edmon Jiddou. "I want it to go back to the community."
And how is he making it count? By helping healthcare workers with personal protection equipment during this pandemic.

"I'm not just trying to sell T-shirts here. I'm really want to help out the cause and give back to the local front line men and women." 

The owner of Outrun clothing company out of Woodhaven - Edmon Jiddou - launched his site Friday morning. The fitness clothing line has been in the works for months.

"Similar to Detroit it's all about overcoming adversity and struggle and being successful on the other side," he said.

Solely online - the company offers tees, hoodies and crop tops. Eight pieces so far.
"The support I've had for pushing this brand the last few days has been insane," he said.
During this crisis - Edmon, and others are hoping to give back but unsure how. Edmon then decided to take this opportunity to help local doctors, nurses, technicians - anyone working on the frontline - by helping to buy some much-needed equipment.

Edmon has been working with the Woodhaven Police Department, letting them decide how the funds should be distributed.
"I don't know who needs what and what services need to be done, so I am going to cut a check and give it to someone who can allocate the resources properly," he said.

Edmon says all proceeds - after initial material costs - will go to those who need it, with everything manufactured in the United States and the clothing printed, in Detroit.
FOX 2: "You're not making anything on that?"
"Not making any profit," he said. "Whatever facilities or departments need them, I want them to get them as quickly as possible."

For more information, go to the company's Facebook page HERE.