New Year means more money for Michigan minimum wage workers

For thousands of Michigan workers, the new year means more money per hour as the state's minimum wage increases $0.35 overnight.

The bill to raise the minimum wage was introduced by then-Senate Majority Leader Randy Richardville. It includes scheduled increases which will eventually put the minimum wage at $9.25 by January 2018

"I think the best part about it is that we make sure you have an increase so inflation won't hurt your wages," Richardville said Friday.

Brian Jacobs owns a pizzeria and says he already pays his employees above the minimum wage but he understands how some business owners may find it difficult to pay the increase.

"I can see how it could hurt some people. It's hard to make a living when they make permanent increases like that. It's difficult." Jacobs said.

Is it enough? Some say it's still not enough to live on and they will continue the fight for an increase. Rev. WJ Rideout III is leading the charge through protests to raise the minimum wage to a livable wage at $15 per hour  Rideout believes Michigan should follow other states like New York.

"More than 15 states have raised minimum wage. What we need to do is like Governor Cumo did in New York and realize the need for a livable wage." Rideout said.

But some argue that an increase in the minimum wage only means hard working people like himself will have to pay more for everything else

"If it's 15 an hour got to pay more for everything else. Gas will be 6 dollars and who wants to pay that." Michael Guyton said.

For now, those making minimum wage will get more on their paychecks and will continue to see more each year until 2018.