Newlyweds shot at Detroit gas station, one suspect in custody

"You just never know when it's your time,' said Samantha Harris. "Just love your family when you can."

Samantha is grieving and trying to make sense of the senseless behavior this Christmas Eve. On Wednesday, Samantha's brother, Ronnie Pruitt Jr., was shot and killed at the BP Gas station at 7 Mile and Woodward.  Police have one suspect in custody. 

"My brother was backed up pumping the gas and the guy said 'you good?' and my brother said 'God bless you, are you good? And that's when the guy shot him twice and then shot twice at the car at Sharnell. 

Married less than a year to Ronnie, Sharnell is now a widow - her husband gone in the blink of an eye. 

"Living his life, didn't bother nobody," Samantha said. "He had already suffered a gunshot wound in his leg. This is just crazy. He was just a regular person."

Through her grief, Sharnell has been able to shed some light on the story. Her sister-in-law shared the details with FOX 2. 

The couple was selling a pair of roller skates to a woman who they were going to meet after they stopped to get gas. 

"They never even got a chance to sell the skates to the lady that was supposed to be buying the skates," Samantha said.

Samantha went on to say the shooting appears to be random, the suspect didn't know the Pruitts' not did he try to rob them. 

"It's terrible," Samantha said. "My mother's sick. It's just really hard on the family right now."

Sharnell was taken to the hospital after the shooting, but her sister-in-law said she has since been released.