NFL Draft: Detroit artists paint Shinola footballs for giveaway

With about two weeks remaining until the 2024 NFL Draft, anticipation is mounting in Detroit. Various businesses and organizations are preparing for the major event by showcasing everything that the Motor City has to offer – including its talented artists.

Bedrock, Design Core and five Detroit artists have partnered up to give away 20 hand-painted Shinola leather footballs ahead of the NFL Draft, which will take place downtown April 25-27.

"It's crazy. It's coming so quickly. Everyone and everything in Detroit is buzzing," said Rhonda Rouse, the team leader of tenant experience at Bedrock.

Throughout the month of April, the public is invited to enter the free giveaway for a chance to win one of the limited-edition footballs. 

"I think it's important to really highlight the culture of Detroit," Rouse said. "Of course, sports are so important to who we are and the fans, but there's so much more – with music, and art, and shopping, and eating and just being together."

Artists' involvement ahead of the NFL Draft in Detroit

Local artists recently displayed their talents by transforming life-size cleats into works of art ahead of the draft day. Now, they are showing off the spirit of Detroit by turning the Shinola footballs into their own creative canvases.

"I grew up in southwest Detroit, so it was really rich in hip-hop, and people, and graffiti and all those elements. So I feel like since (I was) a little kid, I've always just been attracted to all the colorful things that Detroit has," said Freddy Diaz, a participating artist.

Diaz's hand-painted Shinola football is front and center inside Greyson Clothiers' flagship store on Woodward Ave. in Detroit.

"These opportunities are out there and now corporations are starting to work with artists and… Detroit's always been a very supportive city when it comes to artists," Diaz said. "I really wanted to highlight monuments and places that give me a really good feeling."

Freddy Diaz's hand-painted Shinola football, displayed inside Greyson Clothiers' flagship store on Woodward Ave. until April 30, 2024.

How to enter the Shinola football sweepstakes

"Each football will be featured in one of 20 select downtown locations with a corresponding QR code. No purchase is necessary to enter the giveaway – just your phone! Scan the QR code next to each football on display for a chance to win," according to Bedrock and Design Core.

The giveaway runs through April 30. While there is some time left, the clock is ticking.

After scanning the QR codes, "you just enter your information," Rouse said. "The first week of May, there will be randomly selected winners for each ball, and they will be contacted."

One of the 20 unique pieces of memorabilia could be yours to display.

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Where will the Shinola footballs be located?

Each football will be showcased at a specific downtown Detroit store, and will feature their own QR code for the public to scan and enter the sweepstakes.

The participating Detroit stores are:

  1. Bonobos 
  2. Born In Detroit
  3. Busted Bra Shop
  4. City Slicker Shoes
  5. De Laura's Hallmark
  6. Dez Delmar
  7. Former Vintage
  8. Hot Sam's Detroit
  9. Greyson Clothiers
  10. Girl Boss Fashions
  11. Gucci
  12. H&M
  13. Lululemon
  14. Plugged In Collection
  15. Rebel Nell
  16. Shinola Retail
  17. Survived Streetwear
  18. The Lip Bar
  19. Threads & Legs
  20. Throwbacks Home

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