NFL putting finishing touches on 2024 draft stage in Detroit

The NFL is putting the finishing touches on their 2024 draft stage in downtown Detroit. 

What took years of planning and months of construction is nearly ready to be unveiled to the city and the world as the widely-anticipated event prepares to launch in just days.

The goal is for the draft to look good on camera and in the eyes of those that attend, said Steve Farago, the NFL director of event operations. It'll be unlike Campus Martius has ever looked before. 

"You talk about changing lives here but also creating long-lasting memories for the fans that are watching," said Farago.

The head of event operations first visited the city in 2022 when Farago walked the same park that would eventually hold the draft venue. 

"It’s great to see an empty parking lot and that vision actually come to life and watch it being build over the last four weeks," said Farago.

The physical stage is the product of smarts and creativity from the NFL, as well as input from the city's residents as well.

"There’s a process that goes into it that takes about a year and a half of going through the city, getting inspiration to make sure that it’s reflective of Detroit," said Daphne Wood, NFL director of events.

That includes engaging different groups around the city, making sure everybody had a perspective in what the transformation would eventually look like.