Nine feet of raw sewage fills Fraser sinkhole repair trench

The Fraser sinkhole repair experienced a minor setback after 9 feet of raw sewage filled the repair trench late Monday night.

Fortunately it happened at night, so no workers were hurt, but the major mess is a big problem for the county.

Officials say about 1.5 million gallons of raw sewage dumped into a shaft that's a little less than a mile long. The cause is unknown. Macomb County Public Works Commissioner Candace Miller says the bypass has been running since April without incident.

Fraser Mayor Joe Nichols says he's received some calls about the smell.

"Usually at the end of the calls even if they've called to tell me mayor, it kind of smells downwind, but I want you to know I appreciate everything everyone's doing," he said.

No one was injured and the only equipment damage was a machine used to insert new pipes at the bottom of the shaft. Within 24 hours, most of that sewage had been pumped away.

Officials say repairs were ahead of schedule and despite the setback, they hope to have 15 Mile open by the end of the year as originally planned.

"We were on this thing quick," Miller said.