No charges for ICE officer in death of Terrance Kellom

Wayne County prosecutors say they will not charge a U.S. customs agent for the death of Terrance Kellom.

Kellom was shot and killed April 27 by an Immigration and Customs Enforcement agent serving an arrest warrant at his home in Detroit. The agent had said Kellom was hiding and charged at him with a hammer, but Kellom's family says that's not true.

Wednesday morning, Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy announced in a news conference that the evidence supports officer Mitchell Quinn's version of events and that the shooting was "justified by the laws of self-defense." She is not filing charges.

"Yes, black lives matter," Worthy said. "Of course they matter. But you know what else matters? Credible facts matter. ... Doing justice matters and the truth matters." Kellom's death came amid a national debate over police conduct -- particularly toward black men. Kellom was black, as is the agent who shot him.

Worthy also finally announced the autopsy found that Kellom was shot four times. She had previously ordered the report not be made public. Kellom was shot in the neck, shoulder, posterior flank and thigh. She also said the autopsy found that the wounds showed no evidence of close-range fire.

I.C.E. spokesman Khaalid Walls says agent Quinn has returned to duty after being placed on administrative leave during the investigation. Walls adds the period of paid leave is routine procedure, and that Quinn was fully compliant with the investigation. 

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