Non-profit makes and delivers coats that convert into sleeping bags for homeless

Hundreds of coats that convert to sleeping bags are on the way to help the homeless endure the cold.  General Motors is also pitching in -- on the effort to distribute the coats in cities in Michigan and throughout the Midwest.     

On Monday workers were packing up vehicles and hitting the road.

"We are going to eight different cities to hand out over 700 coats," said Veronika Scott, the CEO and founder of the Empowerment Plan.

And not just any coats. As you unfold the coat, you will soon see that it can serve as a sleeping bag. 

"The coat was a college class project of mine at the College for Creative Studies," Scott said.

Over the years Scott improved her coat design which reminded her of her own childhood.

"I grew up in a situation of poverty," Scott said. 

Scott was never homeless but knew she could make a difference through her non-profit. The Empowerment Plan works with partners like General Motors to produce the coat.

Veronika Scott, CEO & Founder of The Empowerment Plan.

"We actually use recycled headliners from GM to make the coats," Scott said. 

TEP not only helps the homeless with sleeping bags but also through employment, hiring from shelters.

"This job has helped me a lot," said De'Asia Taylor, a seamstress, who once was homeless herself before joining the Empowerment Plan.

Now Scott is hitting the road  deliver her coats from Detroit.. to Boston to Rochester, NY General Motors is once again helping the nonprofit out with the road trip 

"We are providing all-new 2021 Tahoe and Suburban for the eight-city road trip," said Genna Young, General Motors Corporate Giving.

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