Non-profit organization and church provide fresh boxes of food to community during COVID-19 pandemic 

Fresh fruits, vegetables, and grilled burgers, boxed up for people who need them. 1,000 boxes were given out Saturday. 

“The boxes contained potatoes, carrots, celery, romaine lettuce, and a few other things,” said Brittney Record with S.E.E.D. Now. “Each box is 15 pounds, so you’re getting really, really good box of produce, straight from the earth.”

The non-profit organization, S.E.E.D. NOW, AND THE Celebration Church of Detroit teamed up. 

Folks pulled up in their cars and anyone was welcomed. 

“I come from a very large family and I am a mother of five children, so we understand what it’s like to just need a little bit of extra help,” Brittney said. “That’s why there are no criteria. The criteria is that you come and you pick up the produce and enjoy it.”

This community effort started small, but it’s growing. 

“I think that people really want to feel connected to the community right now, and with us providing that connection, you know they’re coming,” Brittney said.

“We started this two months ago and its grown to this, yeah we’re excited,” said Lead Pastor of Celebration Church Bishop Greg Davis.

This is a way for the church to live out its mission. 

“We want to meet the need of the community,” Bishop Davis said. “I know may are rushing to get back to the building, but this is the service of the church. You don’t have to be in the building. Although were want to come back, but we want to come back when it’s safe.”

The food giveaway will be going on every Saturday in the month of June.