None injured in Harper Woods shootout that hit 2 cars, houses

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A barrage of bullets was fired outside a home in Harper Woods Monday morning.

There were no injuries amazingly, despite nearly 40 shell casings being found at the scene. 

Police believe three people were involved in a shoot-out in the 19,000 block of Roscommon.  Two suspects - a man and a woman are now in jail.

Investigators found 38 shell casings while two houses and two cars were hit with bullets - but amazingly no one was injured.

A teen was sleeping in his bedroom on the other side of a wall that was pierced with a bullet.

"My main concern is obviously that number of rounds being fired in a neighborhood, that has a high potential for disaster," said Chief Jim Burke, Harper Woods police. "Very fortunately at this time we have no victims that were hit by that amount of gunfire.

"The (suspects) were taken into custody at the scene - that's a really good job by our patrol officers."

Police are trying to figure out exactly what led up to all of this. They did recover one weapon, but they are looking for two more and they think there was one more person involved.

"We've got conflicting stories, conflicting information," Burke said. "We are just trying to put it all together."

If you have any information, contact Harper Woods police at (313) 343-2530.