Nonprofit organization searches for owners of 'mystery photos'

"He’s here giving her the biggest hug, you can see," said Founder and President of Detroit Rescue Mission Ministries, Dr. Chad Audi. "She got crowned."

Dozens of black and white photos were found on a tiny, blue flash drive at the Detroit Rescue Mission Ministries.

"When you look at all the pictures, all of them are capturing good moments in their life," Dr. Audi said. 

Dr. Audi discovered the flash drive inside a box, that was left for them at the post office. 

"When they receive items that they don’t know where the addresses are, they’re mandated to give it to a nonprofit organization," Dr. Audi said. 

The small USB was placed into a box for Detroit Rescue Mission Ministries, along with other loose belongings. 

"We don’t know where they came from, or where they were supposed to be going," Dr. Audi said. So, they’re just loose items."

Dr. Audi said when his staff went to clear the flash drive, they quickly realized the pictures mean a whole lot to someone out there. 

"There’s a constant picture of the main man, who seems like a professor somewhere," Dr. Audi said. "And then, apparently, could be his daughter because at one point in time, there’s a lot of hugging between her and himself."

Many of the photos date back to the 1970’s and show classroom gatherings, track and field and swim members, and a couple of Michigan State sweatshirts.

"It’s important because it looks like somebody is making a life story through pictures," Dr. Audi said. 

Dr. Audie and his team is now hoping someone out there recognizes some of the smiling faces, so new memories can be made. 

If you recognize any of the photos, call the Detroit Rescue Mission Ministries at 313-993-4700. 

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