Notary unknowingly met with fugitive couple over parentage papers

After more than a week on the run, a Sumpter Township couple is in jail, wanted in connection with the murder of the woman's 4-year-old daughter.

Candice Diaz and Brad Fields were arrested by US Marshals for allegedly murdering and torturing Diaz's daughter Gabby, found dead in their mobile home on New Year's Day.

A Wayne County notary says she unknowingly met the fugitives last Friday when she went to a house in Wayne to notarize an affidavit of parentage. The notary agreed to talk to FOX 2 as long we didn’t show her face or use her name.

"As a notary I'm there to verify they are who they are, make them swear under oath that the contents in the document are true," she said.

The Wayne County woman says she immediately felt uncomfortable.

"I was kind of weirded out because there was a lot of satanic symbolism all over the walls, witchcraft, stars, Ouija boards," she said. "I don't discriminate but it was just get in and do the job and get out."

Three days later on Monday, authorities released pictures of Diaz and Fields. When the notary saw the news, she immediately recognized them. She said she didn't know anything about what happened to Gabby until Monday night.

"I was very shocked you never know who you entertain on a daily basis or who you come in contact with," she said. "What caught my attention was when they said a 4-year-old was dead due to burns and torture. I have children ages 1, 3 and 5."

The notary says looking back there were some questionable topics of conversation when she was at the house in Wayne.

"Diaz, the mother of the daughter did say she couldn't go back to her mom's house, she couldn't go back to her place," the woman said. "There were other people who were there and said they didn't have a warrant out for their arrest.

"There was another young lady there, the initial person who called me out to do the notarization. There was another young lady and a guy there who was an attorney."

While she doesn't know if her information helped investigators the notary says she's thankful Diaz and Fields are now in police custody.

Sometimes it takes someone like myself or someone else out here to give that tip that they need," she said. "So justice be served."