November's not-so-normal high temps

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By: Meteorologist Derek Kevra

So, this month has been pretty awesome.  We’ve had a ton of sunshine combined with run of 70s, and now a run of 60s.  It certainly hasn’t been “normal” but I got to wondering… how “not normal” has it been? 

Well, I dug into the numbers and what I found was pretty dang interesting. Let’s start with the high temperatures so far this month. 

In November 2015 we have seen an average high of almost 61 degrees, which is about 8.5 degrees warmer than we are used to! For kicks, I looked at last year’s November average highs and found the number was about 48 degrees. Meaning high temps this year are over 13 degrees warmer than last year!

But of course the coolest thing to investigate is where we fall in the “all-time” list. The average daily temperature (you take the high and the low for the day and divide by 2) is 50.8 degrees in November 2015. That puts us at #1 on the list of warmest Novembers if the month ended today! Whoa!

So the follow up question becomes: why? And the answer is El Nino. In a typical El Nino winter pattern, warmer drier air is ushered our way. It is exactly what we’ve had over the last 6 weeks and exactly what we expect to see over the next 2 months.

Of course we will still get colder air and snow through the winter season… but it really looks like it won’t be as bad as last year.  Personally, I love winter but even I will take this!

All thank you notes should be submitted to Rich Luterman, Derek Kevra, Alan Longstreet, Jessica Starr, and Lori Pinson.