Novi mother of 3 found strangled to death, husband in custody

A mother of three was found strangled on the floor of her Novi mobile home Friday.

The victim, Heather Dixon, 32, was discovered in her residence in the 29000 block of Pierre Drive in the Oakland Glens Mobile Home Community. Dixon was discovered Thursday night.

"A second subject, her husband was also inside, he is considered a person of interest and is in custody," said Assit. Chief Eric Zinser, Novi police. "The husband's mother went to the home; the doors were locked. She could not get entry into the home. She was concerned and she called us to do a welfare check there."

Novi police say Dixon's husband is receiving medical attention, but they won't say what for.

FOX 2 spoke with a neighbor who was visibly upset, however she says she doesn't know the family well.

"People are closed, I talked to Heather a few times," said June Cole. "But they (kept) to themselves.

"(If that happens to) anybody it would be horrendous, but there are children."

According to police the children are ages 6, 8 and 11.

Dixon's husband has not been formally charged.