Nurse who grew up homeless helps those on the streets with a mission that's personal

When Stanley Stinson goes out to help the homeless, the disabled, mentally ill or drug-addicted - it's personal.

Stinson, who is now a nursing student graduating from Concordia University this weekend, was once homeless as a young man.

Jeff Hunt is Stanley's outreach partner. For years they've been tending to those who need help the most. Hunt says Stinson has been the driving force behind the effort.

"He has a big heart for the people on the street and what they're going through," said Kevin White, a disabled client. "He went to nursing school so he could better help them."

There at the warming center, at St. Peter and Paul church in Detroit, Stinson and the Outreach Team from Covenant Community Care, tend to all kinds of medical needs.

From dental care - to foot care.

"We're all walking through this life trying to make it," Stinson said.

And it's all that walking - especially for the homeless - that inspires Stinson.

Having been homeless more than once as a child - tending to the feet of the wounded and worn - is one way he can help.

"Jesus washed feet, so I think it's very special to wash people's feet and take care of their feet," he said. "It's also their mode of transportation so if anything goes wrong with their feet it's like something going wrong with our vehicle."

"It's a very helpful program - very helpful to the community and I'm very grateful that they're here," Kevin White said.

But this outreach reaches beyond warming centers and the covenant community care clinics. Stinson and hunt and others also hit the streets overnight - trying to help prostitutes - victims of human trafficking and others in need.

"Everyone is in a state of desperation out here," said Hunt. "Stanley keeps pushing us into the dark places - into the scary places - and making sure that those people aren't forgotten." 

Not only do they offer medical care on the streets - they're handing out boots, socks, blankets and more - far from forgotten - just hoping - they can help.

"We get to interact with really amazing people - some of them are homeless - some of them are trafficked, aspirations and accomplishments -  to interact and be part of their life.

Because when Stanley Stinson - once homeless -  graduates from nursing school this Sunday -  it will be so that he can spend even more time - on the streets.

"It's pretty humbling," Stinson said. "And it's an honor to be part of their lives."