Oak Park nonprofit housing complex suffers $80K loss in stolen A/C units

Wednesday brought a celebration of affordable housing for nonprofit Lighthouse. It formally unveiled a new $15 million housing development Coolidge Place near Coolidge and Eight Mile with 64 townhouses and ranch-style apartments for low income, working families.

But the nonprofit's housing community took a hit from thieves who stole air conditioning units totaling in the thousands.

"We had 22 air conditioners stolen from residential units and the community center," said Ryan Hertz, Lighthouse CEO.

Two weeks ago FOX 2 reported multiple A/C units were stolen and attempts were made to take others from this condo community in nearby Ferndale. The brazen crime involved a truck and was caught on surveillance video.

As police continue to investigate, Lighthouse estimates that to replace and secure these AC units will be in the thousands.

"We estimate about $50,000 to replace the units that were stolen and $30,000 to secure units across the facilities," Hertz said. "So it's about an $80,000 hit to this development."

It's a financial setback this nonprofit was not expecting.

"We have a lot of needs and this is just one of many," Hertz said. "We appreciate the community support for the work that we do at Lighthouse."

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