Oak Park woman starts community food table during pandemic

Amanda Hines wanted to help those struggling from the coronavirus pandemic, so a week ago she put some food in her driveway on the fold up table.

She included a memo to come and get it on the Oak Park Neighbor's Facebook, inviting those in need to come by on Marlowe Street between Nine Mile and Oak Park Boulevard. There is an unassuming taped up sign, that says "Free, come and get it."

"We put it out there for people to come and get what they needed," she said.

But then the oddest thing happened. Generous neighbors added all kinds of food, and even self-care products like shampoo.

"We had no idea that people were going to come and multiply it," she said. "It's been insane the amount of things people have been bringing.

"I look outside and there are people that are putting stuff out there, it's amazing. Someone brought a pork loin."

Amanda puts the food out at 9 a.m. and puts it away at about 8 p.m. She plans to keep on doing this as long as the coronavirus pandemic goes on.

Brandie Ivery discovered the food table and has children with disabilities. She said she's grateful.

"I want to take more but there's more people in the community (who also need it)," she said.

Despite the need, Amanda doesn't want attention- 

"The fact that there is a need is ..." she said.

Amanda would rather let her little table and the food- speak for itself. 

"There's so much love out there we don't focus on the love that's around us," she said. "Oak Park and the world there are good people out there."