Oakland Co Deputy critically injured by car shows improvement

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An Oakland County Sheriff's deputy is still hospitalized in critical condition after being hit by a car while working a crash scene last week.
Last Thursday Deputy David Hack was at the scene of a car accident near Rochester Adams High School when a second accident took place. Investigators say Hack was tending to the second accident when a passing car driven by an Oakland University student hit him.

"There were couple of positive signs that occurred where he responded to brain stimulus kind of involuntary,” said Oakland County Sheriff Michael Bouchard.

His wife Christine Hack posted a message about her husband on her Facebook page Monday.  

"We have seen several indicators from him that give us hope and we know he is fighting really hard to get better," she wrote.

Christine posted a message about one of those signs Sunday morning when she says the deputy opened his eyes several times. 

"He has more than once opened his eyes and they've noticed that the pupils are equal which is a good sign," Bouchard said.

 As Hack continues to recover, the sheriff says the community continues to show their support for the family. 

"They certainly appreciate the outreach," Bouchard said.

And that support is also having a positive impact. The deputy's wife says after a friend from the canine unit paid a visit, they saw immediate reaction in Hack's vitals on the monitor.

As for the investigation Sheriff Bouchard says it is on-going but added that alcohol was not a factor.

"A couple of things investigators have to do with physical evidence to make determinations what was going on at the time of the accident," he said.

And as the wait for answers continues, the family is asking for prayers.

A GoFundMe account has also been set up, CLICK HERE to donate. 

"The community has wrapped their arms around them with hugs and prayers, social media has been full of prayers," Bouchard said. "People have been delivering food."

If you would like to drop off food and/or other items for the family, the effort is being coordinated by the Oakland County Sheriff's Office Substation:

Contact: Tim Willis (248) 537-3502 and willist@oakgov.com