Oakland County judge candidate arrested for drunk driving in Royal Oak

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A candidate running to become an Oakland County judge was arrested.
Police say last month they caught her driving drunk at about 10:45 in the morning. Julie McDonald is running unopposed for Oakland County Circuit Judge. 

On police video she can be seen getting pulled over on the morning of Sept. 8th on Woodward near Catalpa in Royal Oak for driving drunk.

Officer: "I'm going to have you face me and focus on the tip of my finger. It is going to move side to side. Focus on it with your eyes and keep your head still."

McDonald: "Okay. I'm nervous."

Officer: "It's okay."

According to the police report, McDonald said she had four mixed drinks the previous night. But she failed several field sobriety tests and she blew a .10 and .08 is the legal limit in Michigan.

Officer: "Can you hear me okay?"

McDonald: "I can hear you fine, my balance is really (unintelligible) ... "

Officer: "I needed you to maintain that position I need you to keep your hands at your sides."

The judicial candidate was arrested and taken to jail.

FOX 2 went to McDonald's house in Bloomfield Hills but no one answered the door and her attorney didn't return our phone call

We did talk to the Oakland county clerk who said McDonald is still on the November ballot.  The general election is on Tuesday, Nov. 6.