Oakland County students hold vigil against school shootings

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Students from Bloomfield, Birmingham and Farmington took part in a vigil Monday night - and a call to action.

They painted a rock in front of North Farmington High School to honor the victims in the school shooting in Texas and so that everyone driving by can be reminded of it

About 30 teenagers held a moment of silence for the victims of the Santa Fe high school shooting in Texas. 

They are urging classmates and students to lobby lawmakers to pass legislation to end school shootings.

"I believe we need armed security and our law enforcement needs more training for active shooter response," said student Bebe Schaefer.
The school shootings strike a nerve with these kids for obvious reasons and for Jordan Robinson it hits even closer to home.

"I have two friends that go to Stoneman Douglas High School," he said. "Thankfully they were able to get out safely. The stories they were telling me while they were still in lockdown were horrific. They said they were trapped in the closet and heard gunshots. And when they got out they saw their friends' bodies. 

State Rep. Jeremy Moss told students many of whom can vote that they have the power to turn the tide, calling school shootings an epidemic.

It's message that's resonating with kids who have come of age in the era of mass shootings.

"It's a wakeup call, it's our time to create change and lobby the legislators," Robinson said. "And really make sure our schools are getting safer."

The Washington Post reported some numbers that could give us some perspective on this issue, saying 31 people have been killed in school shootings this year while 29 active military service members have died in the same period of time.