Oakland County teacher arrested for going to work with BAC 4 times legal limit

An Oakland County teacher awaits arraignment after showing up drunk to work -- four times the legal limit.

"I made a mistake clearly," said Michael Fletcher.

Fletcher, a 44-year-old teacher at Lakeland High School in White Lake, is accused of arriving at school Wednesday morning with a BAC of .35. He was charged with a prior drunk driving arrest from October 2018, where he also allegedly had a high BAC as well as driving on a suspended license.

"I don't drink lately I've been trying to get myself clean," he said.

Divorced with four children, Fletcher has been living at the White Lake Campground for the past 4 months, telling the judge he's worried about losing his job and paying child support, saying a medical condition and recent divorce have contributed to his problems.

"Basically right now I'm transitioning, going back to work. I've been out with a broken back for two years and I was just getting used to it," he said.

Fletcher was ordered to wear an alcohol tether if he bonds out, but likely faces another court date for Wednesday's arrest at the school where police say he admitted to drinking alcohol that morning. When he arrived at school allegedly intoxicated, school officials say a shelter in place was ordered so that students did not witness Fletcher being arrested.

White Lake Township police say this is all still under investigation. It's not yet clear what charges the teacher may face related to Wednesday morning's incident.

The school principal says Fletcher will not be on campus while his case is pending.