Oakland County woman wins $500K on $5 Michigan Lottery scratch-off

An Oakland County woman won $500,000 from a $5 scratch-off ticket in Highland, Mich.

An Oakland County woman who says she regularly plays instant tickets in the Michigan Lottery turned a $5 chance into a $500,000 win.

The Michigan Lottery said a 51-year-old woman, who is choosing to remain anonymous, won the big prize in the aptly-named ‘Hit $500,000’ scratch-off game.

The game is pretty simple - you get one row of ‘winning numbers’ and two rows of ‘your numbers’. If any of your 12 numbers match any of the 5 winning numbers, scratch the prize under the winning number to reveal how much you win.

For the woman, she scratched off 13, 06, 07, 20, and 12. Then she scratched off her numbers, one of which 06. The prize hidden under there was the $500,000 grand prize.

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According to the lottery, the woman said a friend bought the scratch-off ticket at Spring Valley Party Store in Highland recently while she waited in the car.

"I play all of the Lottery games, but I especially like playing instant tickets," said the player. "My friend went into the store and bought the ticket for me, and I scratched it when he got back to the car. When we saw the prize amount, we didn’t believe it was real. I took the ticket back into the store to have it checked. When the cashier confirmed the amount, I couldn’t believe it! I am still in shock."

As for what she'll do with it, the woman said she'll pay bills and go on vacation.

To date, the Michigan Lottery reports more than $14 million in prizes from the game with prizes ranging from $5 to $500,000. There's still another $500,000 top prize and 17 $2,000 winners out there.

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