Off-duty officer shoots armed robber on Detroit's west side

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They thought they had an easy target on Detroit's west side - but thought wrong.

Two men looking to rob someone in the 16800 block of Linwood at 2:15 a.m. Monday thought they had an easy target.

What they did not know is that their target was an on off-duty Detroit police officer who just finished the police academy two months ago.

Police say he was in the area visiting his girlfriend and became concerned about a silver Chrysler driving suspiciously on Linwood. He decided to exit his own vehicle and that's when the Chrysler approached him.

"The passenger pointed what appeared to be a high-powered rifle in the direction of the officer and declared this was a robbery," said Police Chief James Craig. "The officer (had) the presence of mind and responded firing a number of shots."

The officer fired and hit the suspect.

People living on Linwood say they heard the barrage of gunfire.

"Multiple gunshots at least 10," said neighbor Marshall Brown.

Chief James Craig says one suspect was hit by the gunfire and is now in custody.

"He did sustain a gunshot wound but it was minor," Craig said. "He was treated and released."

As the investigation continues, police say they are looking for a second suspect the driver of the getaway car.

"His name is Timothy Sims, he is 24 years old," said Craig. "He was an acquaintance of the suspect who was armed with weapon. We need him to turn himself in."

Craig says the officer is now on restricted duty during this investigation. Police say this situation could have turned out differently but the officer’s actions changed the course of events.

"The training certainly kicked in," Craig said. "Recognizing that he had an acquaintance with him, he directed her when he saw the returning vehicle, to conceal herself from what he believed to be an emerging dangerous situation."

But residents living on this stretch of Linwood say they won't feel safe until the second suspect is behind bars.