Officer shot by man who thought he was burglar: I was in fear of my life

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A young man will stand trial for allegedly shooting two Detroit police officers.

Juwan Plummer it was self-defense but the prosecution says that's just not the case.

Desperate radio calls from an injured Detroit police officer echoed inside a quiet courtroom Friday as the man accused of shooting two policemen learned he will head to trial.

"Officer down! Detroit police! Officer down! (Screaming)"

On the stand, Officer Tyler Simmons said "I was in fear for mine and my partner's life."

Plummer, 19, was charged for firing a gun that injured two Detroit police officers last month. Plummer's attorney says he thought those officers were burglars. Fearing for his life, Plummer shot through the window from his home on Lesure Street.

"There is absolutely no doubt he acted in self-defense," said defense attorney Victoria Burton. "There is nothing in evidence that was presented this afternoon that Mr. Plummer acted in self-defense."

But prosecutors argued that while investigating suspicious activity that night, officers Tyler Simmons and his partner, Matthew Windquist had been in full uniform and announced themselves.

"Normally somebody asks who is it and I'll state Detroit police and proceed with them opening the door," Simmons said.

Prosecutor: "Did that happen this time?"

"No, it did not," Simmons said.

That's when Simmons says Plummer fired one gunshot through the window.

"I heard a loud noise and I felt a burning sensation on the left side of my body," he said. "My left arm."

Simmons says he immediately called out his partner's name, finding him lying on the sidewalk.

"He was bleeding from his face," Simmons said. "He stated that he was hit in the neck. I set down my department issued weapon and I lifted up his body."

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While calling for assistance Simmons says that's when he saw the window blinds moving.

"I saw a woman approach the window," he said. "I gave her verbal commands stating that I was Detroit police and to get out of the window, I will shoot."

The judge acknowledged Plummer's deep remorse and genuine fear, but will leave a jury to decide whether it was self-defense or negligence.

"A person may not kill or seriously injure a person just to protect themselves from things against what seems like a threat with only minor injuries," the judge said.

Plummer now heads to trial facing up to 20 years in prison.

"It's tragic on both ends." Craig said. But you can't shoot through windows, you can't shoot through doors. It would be the same if those officers began to fire back into the house with no sight of a threat."

Officer Windquist's jaw is wired shut and has had surgery to remove the pellets from his neck. He is out of the hospital and recovering at home.