Official looking 'Future internment camp' sign appears near Eastern Market

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An official-looking sign is turning heads in the eastern market area - it reads "Future internment camp" and bears a presidential seal and President Donald Trump's name.

The sign is actually an art installation - and it's just one of 10 expected to go up across the country. This one marks this site on Winder in Detroit's Eastern Market despite the presidential seal and signature. It's actually an art project meant to provoke serious conversation.

"Obviously these signs aren't real but are we really that far away from the situation now," said the artist who goes by "Plastic Jesus."

The artist joined us via Skype from his studio in Los Angeles and says President Donald trump's travel ban and crackdown on undocumented immigrants have him concerned the government could once again place people in internment camps.

As the U.S. did with Japanese-Americans during World War II - the artist references that shameful time in our country's history in his sign.

"The executive order number 9066 which actually leads back to the executive order of the internment of Japanese people in the US," Plastic Jesus said. "So any journalist doing some simple fact checking can realize they're not real.

"So I didn't want to scare people too much, but I want people to stand back and think - really - is this where we've come to?"

The artist says this sign went up on Saturday with the help of a collaborator here in Detroit.

This is not the only location for this sign across the country; he says there will be about 50 signs going out across the country.