ON CAMERA: State police chase down sex offender in high-speed pursuit

SkyFOX was at the scene as Michigan State Police chased a vehicle down I-75 Wednesday.

Police say a suspect inside was a wanted for sex offender and parole absconder.

The chase ended on the ramp from northbound I-75 at westbound Davison at noon. Police say the man had not complied with the sex offender registry.

"There are certain rules you have to follow and if you don't we'll come find you," said Lt. Michael Shaw of the Michigan State Police.

The fugitive apprehension team had set up surveillance on the suspect on Detroit's east side - when he drove away.

Michigan State Police tried to pull him over but he took off - with speeds at times reaching 90 miles an hour. The chase continued for about 10 minutes.

Finally at the ramp the video shows police ram the car - called a precision immobilization technique - or pit maneuver.

"We made contact with the front end of our patrol car with the back end of their car," Shaw said. "It's easier to make them lose control of their car without putting anyone else into danger."

Police pulled three people from the car. Only the suspect was taken into custody.

Now he'll be facing additional charges of fleeing and alluding police. He'll be arraigned on Thursday.

"If you run we're obligated to pursue you because you're a danger to the public," Shaw said. "If he would have just stopped his vehicle we wouldn't be here right now."