ON CAMERA: Woman seriously injured in hit-and-run on Detroit's west side

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Producer note: Some images may be disturbing to some viewers

Josann Cicotte is determined to find out what happened after surveillance video shows two women driving a Ford Escort purposely plow down her daughter. It happened Sunday morning as she was headed to volunteer at a VFW hall in southwest Detroit. The 23-year-old was run down and left for dead. 

"Who would do something like that? Just despicable," said Josann Cicotte. 

FOX 2: "Did she know who these people were?"

"She never saw them before in her life," Cicotte said.

Video shows Shaina Sarnowsky being dropped off at the VFW hall on Campbell Street. Her mother says the women started harassing her, calling her names. Someone in a green Ford Escort threw a cup of coffee and a bottle of beer at her.

"She went into the street like what is going on, why are you bothering me?" Cicotte said. "That's when they turned around and they came at her about 40 miles per hour and ran her over." 

Shaina hit the windshield and bounced to the ground. Instead of stopping, the driver ran her over and dragged her several feet before taking off.

"It is just horrible, just horrible, an absolute nightmare," Cicotte said. "Nobody should have to go through this, especially when it is your baby, your heart and soul."

Shaina underwent surgery Sunday night for a head injury. No broken bones - but Cicotte says her daughter, who is also epileptic, is badly injured from the hit-and-run.

"She is in and out right now doing a little better," she said. "It is day by day right now."

Detroit Police are investigating, using pretty clear surveillance video to track down the women driving the dark green 1997 Escort.

They are also trying to determine what happened at a nearby party store, where we are told Shaina stopped before she went to volunteer at the VFW. There may have been an argument, which lead to the women following her. 

Whatever happened, Cicotte says her daughter didn't deserve this.

"I can't look at the whole video," her mother said. "I am so angry. I am not going to stop until I find these people."

Police are continuing to work the case, but if you have any information call Detroit police at (313) 596-5200 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-SPEAK-UP.