ON CAMERA: Woman steals envelope of money at Ecorse grocery store

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A woman says she had an envelope full of cash stolen at an Ecorse grocery store and the suspect believed to have stolen it, was caught on camera. 

After a quick stop at Big Star Good Center Thursday afternoon, Raven Holloway left with her groceries, but without a wad of cash she accidentally left behind.

"I felt horrible, I started crying," Holloway said. "It's not like it was $200."

Raven Holloway said the envelope contained $1,100 which she was planning on using for a money order to pay her rent.

Surveillance footage shows the suspected thief, a woman police believe to be in her 50s, entering the store to buy a half gallon of milk. She was a couple customers behind Raven in the checkout line.

"I think I set the money down and hurried up and boxed the things," she said. "I did not check for anything left behind."

Krystal Asher was the cashier.

"She was acting like she was nice and everything," Asher said. "When she paid for her items, she went over there and picked up the money."

Raven believes she left the envelope in the boxing area. After the suspect checks out, she walks over to the boxing area, not for a box, but for the envelope - seen there in her hand.

Then she walks out the door.  In the parking lot she passes by Raven, who can be seen getting into a red car, looks around and walks away.

If you know this woman, Ecorse Police are asking you to give them a call at (313) 381-0900

"If she can return it to me, I wouldn't go about pressing charges," Raven said. "I just want the money back."