ON CAMERA: Woman strikes cop with car door during traffic stop

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Dash camera still photo taken from video of an Auburn Hills police officer being struck by a car door.

A woman breaks free from a police officer using her car as a weapon and drives off.

Breianna Smart fled the Auburn Hills officer and his police car dash cam caught the whole incident at Opdyke and Pontiac Road.

It all started when Officer Martin Mikolajczak spotted a driver with a suspended license Oct. 23 at and he quickly discovered he had stopped her just weeks earlier.

After telling the officer she didn't have a license, 22-year-old Smart of Auburn Hills calls a friend and narrates her version of the traffic stop.

"The police officer pulled me over, he didn't tell me why," Smart can be heard saying on the phone.

The officer slipped on one handcuff but on the phone Smart tells her friend that he is harassing her and that he is hitting her - when on video he is not.

She struggles and gets into her car. As the officer is wrestling with her, he's able to key his shoulder mic and call for backup.

Now Smart makes a dumb move, she twists her arm free and slides in behind the wheel. She throws the car in reverse and with her door open she floors it and strikes him with it.

Mikolajczak, 37 is violently slammed into his cruiser  with the force of her moving driver's door while also backing into his vehicle.  The four-year veteran was down for the count as she drives off.

Smart ditched her car nearby at the Hyatt hotel and got a ride from a friend. She was found and arrested later that night at an Auburn Hills residence. She went from suspended license to serious felonies,

Meanwhile Mikolajczak luckily escaped with only minor injuries.

"We're very lucky, as you can see from the video it was very traumatic," said Lt. Jill McDonnell. "He is banged up with bruises, scrapes and bumps on his head but he's back at work."