On the trail of the squirrel squatter

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Squatting on someone else's property is no laughing matter. FOX 2's Derek Kevra is the latest to dig into a really wild case. Recently, one Metro Detroit found an unwanted tenant taking up space -- in his car. 

The unnamed Michigan resident was furious when he popped the hood of his Dodge Ram and saw someone else had gotten comfy inside. 

"Well, my client who wishes to remain anonymous, contacted me a while back about a possible squatter in his vehicle and he's very upset he's not getting the proper rent money -- and the place is getting trashed," says Kenny the Car Guy in Walled Lake. 

Investigators put together a composite picture of the possible squatter. While we're not sure of the exact height or hair color, we are confident that, when enhanced with color, the offender will look exactly like ... a squirrel.

You can watch Derek's riveting and hard-hitting report on the matter in the video player above.