Once convicted of murder at 11, Nathaniel Abraham now busted for indecent exposure

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At just 11 years old, he was convicted of second-degree murder. That was over 20 years ago.  

Nathaniel Abraham spent nearly 10 years in Children's Village before he was released. But a year later, got busted for selling ecstasy pills out of the trunk of his car.  That landed him in real prison.  In 2011, beat up a few prison guards - that didn't help - and he literally just got off parole a month ago. 

"We let this little boy down 20 years ago," said Dr. Gerald Shiener, psychiatrist who testified at Abraham's murder trial. "I don't think he was a criminal but the time that he spent made him unfit to live in the real world, in an unsupervised world.  And I think you've seen that he doesn't last very long out of those settings."

True, the real world hit home on Monday, when the now 32-year-old Abraham was busted again.  This time for indecent exposure.  

A 46-year-old woman said that Abraham went to her house to ask for a cup of coffee. She refused. Then he asked to cut her grass but during the conversation she told police his shorts were pulled down exposing his erect penis as he was rubbing a basketball up and down on his bare chest. 

She called police and he was eventually arrested.

Dr. Gerald Shiener testified for Abraham 20 years ago.

"You have to realize that a healthy, young kid who spends that many years in an all-male environment doesn't know how to deal with girls," Shiener said. "And doesn't know how to relate to women but he has normal sexual urges - and he may not know how to express them."

Nathaniel Abraham was arrested Monday and posted $100 bond. This is a misdemeanor for which if he is convicted he will spend 93 days in jail and he would not have to register on the sex offender registry. But because of his past record that's not going to help at sentencing.

"Maybe if they put him on probation and mandate some counseling maybe he can adjust," Shiener said.

Expect Nathaniel Abraham to be formally arraigned within the next few days.