One arrested following another contentious Charter Revision Committee meeting

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Tempers flared at yet another Detroit Charter Revision Committee meeting Tuesday night, as city officials selected to take a second look at the charter found themselves in heated verbal exchanges.

And this time the crowd joined in, too.

Frustrations between council members reached a fever-pitch during the June meeting, when Commission Chair Carol Weaver and Vice Chair Nicole Small fought over what appeared to be a gavel. However, the contention between commission members has been growing since they started meeting back in November.

"We have had 12 meetings in eight months since we have been in office, and failed to get the meat of considering revisions of the charter at our meetings," said Weaver.

Then on June 22, the scuffle between council members led to police involvement. Vice Chair Small later convened a news conference where she read a police report asserting no probable cause for further action.

Those hard feelings haven't quelled either.

"For now, because of the chaos of June 22, many members of the public and commissioners have expressed they want to feel safe at our meetings," said Weaver.

Committee members sought to enact new safety protocols after the incident. But, not everyone was on board.

"If you're afraid of the people, give up your seat," said Barbara Ann Wynder. "Don't come."

However, the commission did vote to have more security at the meetings. That's when the crowd made itself heard. Shouts and heckling could be heard against the backdrop of a strong police presence. There were 10 officers at the July 9 meeting.

"Police officers are here to help maintain order and they will remove members of the public who engage in any breach of peace," said Weaver.

Some of that peace was breached however. At least one individual was arrested and several others were asked to leave the meeting.