One dead and one hospitalized after carbon monoxide poisoning at apartment complex

One person is dead and one is hospitalized after Carbon Monoxide poisoning at a Wayne apartment complex. 

“It was a lot of cops a lot of firefighters and they were going door to door checking everyone’s carbon monoxide detector and all of that,” said Hickory Hollow Apartment tenant Alexis Bass. 

Many tenants at the complex are in the state of panic after leaning a woman died and her husband is now in the hospital for carbon monoxide poisoning. 

“It’s just really scary because you don’t know what can happen,” Bass said. 

Bass says they bought a third carbon monoxide detector Saturday, just in case. The Wayne Fire Department couldn’t tell us if the unit where the woman died at had a working detector. 

“I do worry about it because like you said it’s a silent killed you never know,” said tenant Laporsha Williams. 

Saturday afternoon a fire truck and ambulance were checking out another possible carbon monoxide leak at William’s mother’s apartment. 

“This morning she was feeling a little nauseated and sick so she did call and they come out to see if she had a gas leak but she didn’t luckily,” said Williams. 

Williams says in November she had high levels of carbon monoxide in her own unit. Luckily, she wasn’t home and the leak was fixed. 

“So there is clearly a problem in these units) it seems like it they need to get things up to date I believe so,” Williams said. 

Two other tenants told FOX 2 they have also had elevated levels at some point. They’re not getting any answers from management on what caused this latest leak. 

“We don’t want anybody else getting sick or any other illnesses or death from it,” Williams said.
As of right now, FOX 2 has not heard back from management. Stay with us for updates.