One Detroit street's residents are still in dark after new LED lights

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It's out with the old and in with the new as Detroit replaces old broken street lamps with new energy efficient LEDs.

But residents on one street say they've been left in the dark on Bentler Street.  Neighbors say they look out for one another, but lately it's been tough to see what happens here at night. and its caused some problems.

"There was a stolen car a few months back and just last night another one," said Don Griffith.

"I was pulling up into the driveway and I saw two people in the house waiting for me to get out of my car," said Tim Willim.

"It would come in handy to have some light out here," said Jerome Willim.

They say come nightfall their homes are left in the dark. A streetlight was removed last year as the city was transitioning to more efficient lighting methods.

"There was a light on the pole," said Charles Jones. "After they took one out I put one on my garage."

Not all of Bentler Street is in the dark all of the time. There is a new light but it only shines on a vacant house.

"We're left in the dark and all the nothingness is lit up," Griffith said.

In December Don Griffith contacted the city about it.

"I've used the improve Detroit app they claim they've acknowledged it," he said. "But that's it."

We also contacted the Detroit Public Lighting Authority and were issued this statement.

"Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention. we will have our crew investigate the street lighting on Bentler Street. If the lighting does not meet the engineering specifications of the authority's lighting plan, we will rectify the situation."

The people on this block know it’s not a major request, but they hope if some light is shed now, it may mean less crime to respond to later.