Online threats against U-M coach Harbaugh being investigated

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Alarming social media posts by a former University of Michigan football player tagging the Wolverines coach has sparked a police investigation.

On the football field coach Jim Harbaugh seems to have complete control, but on social media these days it appears no one is in control. 

Campus police said they were tipped off Monday about multiple threatening messages aimed at Harbaugh on Twitter coming from one account. It appears to belong to former U of M linebacker Elysee Mbem-Bosse. 

Since then, his account has been made private, but not before someone took various screen shots of tangents that allude to violent behavior. Tweets like "Let's not have a murder case on your hands" and "dead or alive" were shared on 

The player left the football program in mid-November and is no longer with the team.

Other screen shots reference Coach Harbaugh's Twitter handle specifically: "And was suspended for going to take care of my family."

A third screen shot from that account states "Michigan is open carry. Let's not forget. Not your friend." He went on to say "They sent someone to my crib before. I was nice enough to call the cops. Next time I'm calling the morgue."

Police tell us they are looking into these tweets. although telling us this is an active investigation.  No charges and no arrests have been made at this time.