Organization makes 25K protective gowns to give to front line workers to honor memory of Skylar Herbert

In the last month and a half, they've made more than 25,000 gowns for front line heroes throughout Michigan and across the United States. Now they are answering the call for Detroit's first responders - inspired by a little girl lost to COVID-19.

"Skylar is our hero - she fought the good fight," said Detroit Police Chief James Craig. "Thank you for raising a hero - thank you for your courage - it is not easy to stand."

Craig - a survivor of COVID-19 himself - addressed Ebbie and Lavondria Herbert - a Detroit firefighter and police officer and loving parents of 5-year-old Skylar - who died last month from COVID-19.

"The death of Skylar became our rallying cry," said Robin Staebler.

FOX 2 first told you about Staebler and her husband, Jeff, a retired police officer, back in April. Now their organization - Angels Wear Gowns, is answering the call from the Detroit Public Safety Foundation - in need of isolation gowns for Detroit police, fire and EMS.

"We could not stand by and watch as one of our front line families became sick or even worse - over 300 volunteers from across the region came together and stood up for Detroit," she said.

Staebler says in the last five days they have made 10,000 gowns for Detroit's first responders -  and an additional 2,000 to go throughout metro Detroit.

All of this in memory of little Skylar and in honor of our brave first responders.

"Our men and women can't social distance - they actually have to close the distance, and go into the teeth of danger to save lives and protect property - so we owe them our deepest gratitude - thank you," said Detroit Fire Commissioner Eric Jones.

Jones thanked Angels Wear Gowns for their donation - their giving spirit - much like that, of little Skylar.

"She always wanted to give everything she had," said Lavondria Herbert. "So I know she's looking down right now and I know that if she was here, and she saw that on the news about needing gowns - she would have said - 'Mom how can we help make the gowns,' so I want to say thank you to everyone here today that had a hand in it."

A grateful first responder - and a grateful - but devastated mom.

"I know not to question God but right now it's so hard for me not to and I just appreciate everyone that has been praying for us because it is really helping me to stay strong," said Lavondria.

Strength in the face of tragedy, courage in the form of first responders and generosity from these angels that make gowns - in memory of the angel that is Skylar Herbert.

"Our daughter - like you always say - she's shining down on us right now," Ebbie said. "And like I say, thank you so much."