Ousted Macomb County Clerk writes to President Trump for help

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Ousted Macomb County Clerk Karen Spranger’s latest controversial move is appealing to a higher power.

She apparently hired a so-called constitutional bounty hunter out of North Carolina claiming overthrow of a Constitutional office. She wrote a letter asking for an investigation into her removal addressed to everyone from Gov. Rick Snyder to President Donald Trump.

"If you read the document it is gibberish, nonsensical even the person who signed it I didn't even know who he is," Macomb County Executive Mark Hackel said. "We don't even know where this comes from. There is no basis, or legal opinion. I really doubt Donald Trump will be responding to this letter from Karen Spranger."

During her time in office, Spranger had several grievances filed against her, ethics violations and is facing two criminal investigations.

The letter she wrote in part, claims the sheriff's department "ram-shacked" her department and she was brought up on charges for releasing two clerks she fired for misconduct.

She claims her position was overthrown by several department heads. 

Spranger is requesting an immediate investigation and audit to detect these possible crimes against the court of clerk's office. She also wants to return to her elected position and the return of all illegally removed files by those public officials "who are insurrection and rebellion and who have gone on strike against the Constitution."

"What's best for the clerk's office is someone who knows how to run the clerk's office," said Prosecutor Eric Smith.

"The main leadership and stability in office -  I can tell you in the last 15 months my deputy sheriffs were called there many, many times," said Macomb County Sheriff Anthony Wickersham.

And because of all of the chaos the clerk's office has endured, Macomb County officials want Kathy Brower to remain as acting clerk until the end of the year.

"I think it is in the past," Hackel said. "I am not even going to worry about her or her antics. We have someone in the office trying to carry out the responsibility doing a great job."