Outlets like Medical Weight Loss clinics see rise in clients gaining the 'Covid 15'

Nancy Lalonde has a meeting with a consultant at Medical Weight Loss in Shelby Township because after weeks of quarantine - she's ready to lose some weight.

"I lost 90 pounds prior to Covid and then had a slip I guess, during Covid, it was hard," she said.

Nancy says she gained 14 pounds - even though she tried to stay active, and walked nearly 200 miles. But she blames her weakness for sweets.

"I was used to going and working out three days a week and then all the gyms are closed," she said. "I miss my trainer terribly."

And Nancy's not alone. With so many people home so close to the kitchen all the time, and so many people trying new recipes - baking bread and cookies and muffins - well - you get the idea.

Kelly Smith is the regional director at Medical Weight Loss - she says the COVID-15 is all too real for far too many.

"I would say on an average we're seeing about 10 to 20 pounds - they joke about the 'quarantine 15' but if you average it out - that's about right," Smith said.

Smith she says the key is accountability. While they were closed during quarantine, people missed their weigh-ins for weeks - and normally they weigh in - three times a week. 

There are a number of people who managed to lose weight during the stay home stay safe order - but many, gained.

"We feel that people are most successful when they know that somebody else is standing behind them and coaching them and they're not at it just on their own," Smith said.

"For me it is imperative - I need to face somebody else with that scale to keep me motivated and these people here are fabulous," said Nancy.

And these people here, might be even busier now than they used to be.

Kelly says they're hearing from a lot of people who have never been clients before - maybe they've gained that COVID-15 or even more - now coming through the door - determined to lose it.

"If the phone calls that we've been having coming in to the clinic are any indication of what is to come - we're going to be busy," she said. "We are open we are back to regular hours. We are ecstatic to be here - so come on in."