Outpouring of support for family who lost home in fire

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Curtis Smith of Detroit Central City presents fire victim Candance Glover with a home and new furniture. 

After a week cramped in a tiny motel room, Candance, Torren, and their eight children are moving to a new home thanks to the Red Cross.

"The lights can be turned on but the heat can't. It needs work. Something is better than nothing, so we're still working. It's a work in progress," said Candance Glover, whose house burned down earlier this week.

From less than 400 square feet of living space, the family is moving to a four bedroom house, but it needs work.

"It's better. Way better. I like being here way better than being in the motel," said one of the children.

But they still had no beds, furniture, or money to fix it up. Generous Fox 2 viewers stepped in with a surprise.

"The team at Detroit Central City was moved by your story, and we're here because we can offer you furniture, beds for the kids. In addition, we can assist with the first months rent and utility expenses," said Curtis Smith, Housing Director at Detroit Central City.

"Thank you so much! Can I get a hug?" said Glover.

Not only will Detroit Central City donate the furniture and appliances, they will also make sure the insurance and identification paperwork is up to date for everyone.

"We are ending our fiscal year and we have a little extra money so this is good timing that your story came out. I have my case manager, Donald Montgomery will be working with the family, to get them housed and stabilized and furnished and we're just excited to be here," said Smith.

In addition to help from Detroit Central City, Fox 2 has received hundreds of messages offering donations from all over, even from Chicago and Georgia.

"Thank you all. We love you all," said one of the children.

"I want to say thank you. Thank you for the donations. Thank you for the clothes. Thank you for everything," said Glover. "Thank you and may God bless you."

Any additional donations can be sent through Go Fund Me CLICK HERE TO DONATE.

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