Over 2,000 gather to celebrate the life of L. Brooks Patterson

An honor guard was escorted into the Woodside Bible church in Troy Thursday, for the funeral of L. Brooks Patterson. 

Over 2,000 people came to respect, reflect and laugh. 

“He was a middle class kid from northwest Detroit who rose to mingle with business people, presidents, governors, and other civic leaders and even Mark Hackel,” said Oakland County Executive Jerry Poisson. 

Aside from politics, Patterson also had a family side. 

“He made sure we knew the value of family,” said Mary Warner, Patterson’s daughter. “We have many, many fun memories with this family and we are all still very close, all because of him.”

“The last joke he ever told me was, a fish running down the street and it hits the wall. What does it say? Damn,” said Patterson’s grandson Brooks Warner. 

One highlight at the funeral was when Patterson spoke at his own funeral through a projection screen. 

“He made me laugh and we did disagree but we disagreed agreeably, except when we had those really tense moments. But he was a good person and he cared about a lot of things,” said Congresswoman Debbie Dingel. 

“Sense of humor would be one thing I would put at the top of my list,” said former Michigan Governor, John Engel. “We use to have a lot of fun and he was somebody who took his politics seriously, but he didn’t take himself seriously.”

Many who attended said there will never be another L. Brooks Patterson. 

“Who knows? Maybe there will be another Brooks in politics one day,” Brooks Warner said.