Over 300 turkeys given away to residents, families of fallen Detroit Police members

Detroit Police kicked off the start of their week with a little support from volunteers and a community business leader. The goal? To spread some joy for Thanksgiving.

"They're presenting turkeys for the community to help every family have a very very good Thanksgiving," said Captain Kyra Joy Hope of the DPD. 

The turkey giveaway took place Monday afternoon at the Tindal Activity Center.

And the man who led the charge by giving away 350 turkeys? Local businessman Hassan Fayed.

"I know how it feels to not have anything. At one point in my life I didn't have it all and I had to work hard for it and this is why I believe in giving back," he said.

The CEO of 411 Therapy also provided turkeys to families of fallen Detroit Police Officers. 

"Anything that we need, 411 Therapy is there," Hope said. "It's a tremendous help when we have our fallen heroes, that we call them and adding some aid to the families, some consoling to the families."

When Detroit Police partner with members of the community to help the citizens they serve, they believe the public sees police officers in a different light. 

"It's phenomenal when we can reach citizens out here in the community they see us in a different light. Every day we're working so hard but this a time for giving," said Hope.

Volunteers from Tindal Activity Center also working to spread holiday cheer as they fill up these baskets for the holiday.

"We have some needy families that we chose to receive a basket," said an event organizer.

"And this is when we step in and help and appreciate everybody around us to make sure they have a hot dinner for Thanksgiving," said Fayed.