"Ovid and the Art of Love" filming in Detroit

Movies are still being made in Michigan, and the latest takes place at the New Center area -- which is passing off as ancient Rome in the production of "Ovid and the Art of Love." Corbin Bleu, best known for his role in "High School Musical", plays Ovid, the Roman poet that wrote "Metamorphoses."

FOX 2's Lee Thomas caught up with Corbin during filming at the old St. Agnus Church.

"This church, if you can get a chance to look around, this place is incredible, and this has been just a tidbit of the locations that we've been shooting at. Detroit's the perfect location for this film," Corbin says.

"The whole story is told through the eyes of a young boy, a Detroit native, who is learning about Ovid in school. So he sees acient Rome in what he knows in his mind as his own Detroit," Corbin explains. 

"Deer Hunter" and "Godfather 3" star John Savage also joined the cast as Ceasar - and the emperor loves old Detroit.

"The Packard Plant, for me, was like going to the Roman Coliseum, You know, it's old but it's got this character, and this history's going on now which is evident in this city," John says.

"Ovid and the Art of Love" is finishing up production in the Motor City. Corbin told us he's been in town for about five weeks already for filming. The film isn't due out until sometime in 2016, according to IMDB. We'll keep you posted on when and where the film will be released.