Oxford man charged with child pornography

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An Oxford man is facing charges for his collection of child pornography.

Investigators say not only did he download child porn from the dark corners of internet, he produced it.

Scott Evans of Oxford is facing several child pornography charges according to a Homeland Security agent; Evans downloaded a special internet browser giving him access to the "Dark Web" and hidden websites.

It was there he downloaded child porn, videos of men engaging in sex acts with children.

Agents raided his home two weeks ago and investigators say Evans confessed to hiding a camera in a bathroom and recording a now 14-year-old girl while she took a shower.

There were at least 25 videos of the girl on his computer.

Evans faced a judge Wednesday.

Judge: "Based on conversations you had with your attorney, you have concluded independently that it is in your best interest to consent to federal detention at this time."

Evans: "That is a fair statement your honor."

Judge: "And that you have the right to raise the issue of bond at a later date?"

Evans: "Yes your honor."

FOX 2 met with Oakland County Sheriff Michael Bouchard, who says the internet is helping fuel the interest in child pornography and more people drawn to it are moving to encrypted zones to cover their tracks.

"It's becoming very common we're at a tipping point and society needs to make a stronger statement of how unacceptable it is," Bouchard said.

And worse yet, those gripped by child porn today could become tomorrow's predators.

"That line could get blurred and crossed, yes," Bouchard said. "The more someone becomes obsessed and possessed by child porn the more they want to pursue deeper into the realm of what it would be like, and what else can I see and what else can I experience.

"There are actually groups that have sprung up that actually want to normalize and legitimize sex between grown adults and little kids."

It is unclear what his relationship is to the girl he recorded while taking a shower. Evans is still locked up in a federal detention center.