Oxford teen lends voice to End Gun Violence Michigan group calling for common-sense laws

They come from all walks of life with a common goal - influence leaders in Lansing – to pass common-sense gun laws.  

"We can make common-sense changes that respect the rights of gun owners, and keep our children alive," said Bishop Bonnie Perry, Episcopal Diocese of Michigan.  

The group, "End Gun Violence Michigan" is demanding change in the wake of the Oxford High School shooting.  

"November 30th started like any other day and unfortunately, ended like my worst nightmare," said Kiley Myrand, junior at Oxford High School. 

Myrand joined the Zoom press conference Monday, to remember –  the worst day of her life.   

"I frantically texted my brother. He is a freshman at the high school (and) was closer to the incident than I was," she said. "I waited three minutes to respond saying he was okay. That three minutes was the scariest three minutes of my life."  

She said she was barricaded in her classroom. 

"I was trembling holding a textbook just knowing this is what we have been trained for since whenever I can remember," she said. 

Four students were shot and killed including her friend Tate Myre.  

"His precious life and others were taken decades too soon and it breaks my heart to think about," she said. "No one my age should experience losing a friend, especially losing a friend in this way," she said.  

From Oxford High School to a Detroit park, where a mother was shot to death at a park after a fight on the basketball court was settled with gunfire.  

"People need to understand, when you go to the park - you go to enjoy your life, not have it taken away," said Sherri Scott, whose daughter was shot and killed.. 

Francesca Marks was shot and killed on a hot summer day in August, 2019 at Rouge Park on Detroit’s west side.  

"My daughter left seven children, three of them won’t even have a memory of their mother," Scott said.

End Gun Violence Michigan has several events planed this month – and into the spring.

For more information: edomi.org/endgunviolence/

Oxford student Kiley Myrand, Inset: the logo for End Gun Violence Michigan.

Oxford student Kiley Myrand, Inset: the logo for End Gun Violence Michigan.