Palmer Park Art Fair returns for second year

The Palmer Park Art Fair returned Saturday, kicking off both the art fair circuit in Michigan and a spring and summer of activities in Palmer Park.

Revived in 2014 after a 30 years absence, the Palmer Park Art Fair, held in a 300-acre Detroit Park, is growing, with more artists and a teen artists section.

The Art Fair will show the work of about 65 artists. The event also features a new TAP- Teen Artists Project, with 12 teen students from Detroit and its suburbs.

"We have never had a better response from both patrons and artists any Art Fair. The only thing patrons asked for was more artists. That's why we're making room for them around the lake," said Mark Loeb, president of Detroit-based Integrity Shows,

"The return of the Palmer Park Art Fair for a second year continues the dream of resurgence of the park for the 'good of everyone' as Senator and Lizzie Palmer had envisioned. The setting for the art fair in the shadow of the Historic Log Cabin and around Lake Francis honors the Palmer's legacy too," said Rochelle Lento, president of People for Palmer Park.

Among the artists who will return are Albert Young, who owns Detroit Hot Glass, Donald Calloway, who makes whimsical found object fish and angels and tile artist Linda Buck, who is also working with the TAP teen program.

The Palmer Park Art Fair is produced by Integrity Shows in partnership with the nonprofit People for Palmer Park and the city of Detroit Recreation Department.

The Detroit Institute of Arts is returning with family art projects. This year the F.A.M.E. Shop in Detroit will work with people to screen and decorate their own art fair T shirt. Carbon Arts returns with its popular metal casting activity.

The PFPP will operate a bar stocked with Motor City Brewing beers and mixed drinks. Bold Coffee, which is roasted in Highland Park, will serve and sell coffee. 

Learn about the artists coming to The Palmer Park Art Fair on its Facebook page (( or website:

(Information used from press release)